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    LR 6.3 crashes when developing


      Hi everyone,


      recently my LR started acting up. As soon as I start developing pictures from a folder that was recently imported into LR, it crashes.

      When I load it up again, it displays the last "stable" folder and when I switch to the latest one and choose "develop", it crashes all over again.


      The symptom is fixed by deleting the whole previews folder over and over again before starting LR.


      No drivers, hardware or other Adobe products were changed recently. I reinstalled LR with no success.


      Any ideas?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          First update your Lightroom to Lightroom 6.10.1. Next try turning off the GPU acceleration (Catalog Settings->Performance tab->uncheck "Use Graphics Processor")


          If the problem is still happ3ening, and deleting previews fixes the problem, then I'd say you have a hardware problem, most likely a failing hard disk or bad memory in your computer.