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    How do I get my credits of Fotolia into Adobe

    bosch securityp30306564

      I have a Fotolia account where I still have credits to buy pictures. I cannot go to Fotolia anymore as the site is redirected here. But I cannot login here with my Fotolia credentials. How do I get the remaining credits transferred to Adobe.


      I never received an e-mail or anything how I should deal with it, so I'm a bit lost now in the world of Adobe.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          You should still be able to access Fotolia.com. If you receive the popup message inviting you to check out Adobe Stock, scroll to the bottom of the message and you'll see a link inviting you to continue to Fotolia. From there you should be able to use your credits. You cannot transfer the credits to Adobe Stock to answer your specific question.


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          Mat Hayward

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