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    Phonegap In App Purchase (IAP) HowTo


      I am hoping to use Phonegap for a web based application ( HTML , CSS and Javascript) which uses a data file containing some javascript variables ( values as a .js file) and image files .jpg


      An initial version of the the .js file and .jpg  will be included in the application initial purchase


      Users will be able to purchase additional data files via the app.  These files will be stored in a directory all with different filenames.


      So can I create add-ins, as files which are downloaded to a directory within the app or will I need to recompile somehow to include the additional data.  It could be the files may need updating in any case, when new information becomes available.


      The app needs to run on Android and IOS


      Is this feasible ? 


      A simple Yes or No would suffice.