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    Not CUDA support in Windows 7-64


      Hi folks!


      Preview I was using Adobe Premier CC 5.5 and CUDA support working excellent. Now, I'm on Premiere 2017 Pro, payment license 1 year.


      My symptoms are to not obtain a yellow process line in my timeline edit area. When not obtain this color in process line over recording clips, it means my hardware system are not using my CUDA option, and rendering are slow motion i work issue. My GPU card Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 have this CUDA SUPPORT and function.


      Also, my working edit are not smoothly in process.  

      During editing of video clips, chopped changes are encountered during playback, all the reasons that my GPU card is not set up correctly for CUDA support.


      Hardware equipment should be all right with:

      Intel Core i7 4930k running @ 3.4 GHz

      Internal Memory 8X8Gb- 64Gb SSD3 Operating Speed @ 1334 MHz, Kingston Module (PC3 -10600) Model KHX2133C11D3 / 8GX

      GPU GeForce GTX 780, 3Gb, Core Clock 575 MHz Memory Clock 3004 MHz

      Boot disk Samsung SSD EVO 850


      Any tips and guiding are received with great gratitude.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Question what do you have a GTX 980 or GTX 780?

          After you bring up Premiere have you tried to turn it on after Premiere comes up?


          Some times the first time Premiere comes up it does not find the card.




          Open a CMD window and run GPUSniffer.exe and show us what you get like this.

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            Roof55-no Level 1

            Hi, Bill.

            Thanks for your reply.


            Sorry to bring up a MIX of GPU. I double check it right now and my SIW (System info for Windows) bring up device as GTX 780.

            CUDA support image.jpg


            Yes, it seems to be ok when my pc are using CUDA support, not for sure to use first or second choose? I do a toggle experiment to test this.


            Even I think my system have plenty of power to do rending task excellent, my experience are edit job without any sort of smoothly movement by doing a playback during edit job.My work space are only 1m29 sec., with some text templates, some video clips, belongs with background music. Rendering jobs are only 1m 34 sec., when make an export file (ctrl+M).


            When rending project (Enter) a smoothly playback view can be okay for an 10-15 sec, when

            Playback mode chopping starts while I can hear an increased activity in one of my hard disk drives. To me it may seem like some cache will be full in short time, and choping is a fact.


            Sequence setting, I've tried a bit with different settings, with some recovery of good luck. As a surprise this may be(?), my original video clips are from UVA (drone) recording, performed by DJI model Phantom P4 pro. Spec. For the original file is format 1920X1080p, 120 fps., Data bitrate approximate 100 Mb sec., Codec h.264. Does this make sense for Sequence settings and option?

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant
              1. You do want the CUDA acceleration.
              2. Test your media with MediaInfo to see if it is Constant Frame Rate.  Adobe Premiere does not want Variable Frame Rate media.  Be careful on your download to not install any other programs they might offer.
              3. How full are your disk drives?  You probably should consider a SSD for your project files and media.
              4. When you have a yellow line over your media there is not need to render.
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                Roof55-no Level 1

                Yeh, you right, and the yellow line are present.

                Interesting about constant frame rate, never think about flow of data. 100Mb per sec. as databit-rate, could it be a to high bit-rate?

                My "C" drive are SSD Samsung EVO 850 (1TB), free space 503Gb. Perhaps I better move my working files at \C drive, and let CC Pro work from this device, even I'm now let CC Pro work from file place at Sata600 drive? i give some result after moving files, and starting up a new test work with SSD drive for CC Pro.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Constant Frame Rate is what you need, do not confuse this with bit rate.  Here is a 4K GoPro media tested with MediaInfo and shown in Tree View.  Notice it has Variable Bit Rate but the Frame Rate Mode is Constant