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    Automating lower-third creation?


      Hello Adobe community and thanks for your time in helping me with this challenge!


      I am new to Premiere, having done the vast majority of my editing on FCP/ FCPX (don't lambast me, it's actually very good). But afaik it can't do this:


      I am working with a VFX school to develop an online curriculum, and I am looking for ways to speed up or automate the tedious process of adding lower thirds every time the instructor calls out a keyboard shortcut. We have a template and have been drag-dropping them into the sequence via the Essential Graphics function, and then populating the text fields.


      My thought was that there might be a way to use markers placed at appropriate points in the timeline which would contain the text information in separate fields, and then we could use that timecode and text information to place the templates at appropriate points in a timeline, populating each with the correct information. Perhaps I'm dreaming....


      If this is not possible, what time-saving strategies do you employ to tackle this kind of challenge?