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    How to stop InDesign from making 5 page spreads


      In my project all I want is 2 page spreads. The project was fine, until I aligned my text to my baseline grid. That caused the page count to grow, but rather than add spreads, InDesign added pages to the last spread of the main section. And didn't flow the text across them.

      5 Page Spread.png

      I noticed this because I had overset text at the end.


      I tried to redistribute pages, allowing document pages and the selected spread to shuffle (and said NO to the keep same amount of pages in a spread), and things just got weirder

      Allow Doc Pages and Selected Spread to Shuffle.png

      An extra oddity here is this spread shown with three pages in the workspace shows as a 2 page spread in the Pages window. And page 1 (Introduction) should be on the left hand page. What a mess!


      I've bounced around the forums and help pages, but didn't find any help.


      Any clues? Thanks!!!