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    Indesign constantly crashing, freezing. We work off of servers.


      Anyone who can help, I know this is a great deal of info but please read below. We work on Macs. Sierra OS. Our Indesign files are saved on a server. We work off of that server.


      I have been dealing with the following problems on a daily basis. Today alone, I tracked it and had to restart my computer 7 times because of Indesign related problems.


      1.) First and most common issue seems to be: Indesign freezes and has to be force quit. I know sometimes you have to wait the spinning ball out, but one time it froze, I left the computer, when I came back half hour later it was still frozen. The only solution is to force quit.


      2.) Another issue is, when Indesign is force quit because of a freeze, it will not open back up. You click on it to open, and nothing happens. The only way to solve this, is to restart the entire computer.


      3.) Another problem I have regularly. You will open the task manager to force quit Indesign. You try it force quit it and it will not do it. Even if the Indesign window isn’t open, the program is still running (even if it won’t open).


      4). Also…when you are working on a grid, and you save as you are working, the dialogue box will pop up that says something like “can’t save because the file is open in another program.” I know if you close out and save again, it works, but we shouldn’t have to do that. Also I have noticed, sometimes when you close it and save again, it does not really save the work. I have done that, had Indesign crash, opened the file back up and found that it did not save my work.  I know this probably has to do with the servers as well.


      From another account....


      1. Indesign Crashes and won’t come back up. However, when mine does it, it almost never reopens. I almost always have to hard restart with the button in the back of my computer. Sometimes I’ve noticed that Finder crashed along with it.  Not sure if that’s causing the issue in the first place
      2. Indesign closes without warning. Then when it opens it says it had to close due to an error…
      3. I save my file every 1-2 minutes, but after a crash, sometimes the file will not have saved at all.  I have to start the entire job over again even though I saved it multiple times. This does not happen all the time, but when it does, it inevitably happens when it’s a really in-depth ad or multiple ads…..
      4. Photoshop crashes along with Indesign. I know this because when Indesign crashes I try to refresh Creative Cloud, which requires all Adobe programs to be closed. I try closing Photoshop and it just says “not responding”, and then I have to restart my computer.  This goes along with problem #1 above.
      5. My file becomes super corrupt after crashing sometimes. Like, super corrupt to the point where if I just click on the file to open it, it crashes without even attempting to open it. Several times already I’ve had to have Emily open the file for me and put it in a new file (because renaming won’t even work) in order for me to be able to use it. Usually this takes me 15-20 minutes because this is what I have to go through: Indesign crashes, I try to reopen the file, it crashes again - I try again, it crashes - I rename the file, it crashes – I restart my computer, it crashes – I ask Emily to open and it works for her – I ask Emily to rename, but it  still crashes for me – I ask Emily to put it in a new file – It works….  What makes it even worse is that these are the times that my ad generally doesn’t save. And so I may have completed an ad entirely, had it crash when I go to save (even though I already exported it!), have to spend 15–20 minutes doing this, then I have to remake the ad again…. Way frusterating…