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    Acrobat XI - Compare Documents doesn't show layout differences


      I am using Adobe Acrobat XI Version 11.0.20 and I am finding that the Compare Documents feature is not catching changes in the document layout.  How can I get it to identify differences if the text shifts between two documents?  As an example, document_1 (letter) had the address section in the wrong place.  Document_2 is document_1 modified to shift the address a bit to the right so that it fits into the standard envelope window.  When I Compare Documents (View > Compare Documents), the change is not flagged as something that changed between the two documents.  Another example is I had two lines that were not lining up.  After the fix to have them line up, the compare doesn't identify the text shift.


      How can I get Acrobat to identify these sort of changes?


      BeforeAfterCompared (difference is not identified):


      I tried the various options available ("Reports, spreadsheets, magazine layouts", "Presentation decks, drawings or illustrations", "Scanned documents", "compare text only" checked and unchecked as well as "Include changes to:" (text, Images, Annotations, Formatting, Headers/Footers, Backgrounds).


      In the past I worked with Adobe 6 PRO (I think) and it did a great job identifying these differences.  Now that I got my company to get this version for me I feel it won't do what I need it to do.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,