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    Rule editor is not working in 6.3

    hitesh.m Level 1


      We have adaptive forms built in 6.1  (Without rule editor) and we have to migrate them to 6.3

      We are able to install our form content package in 6.3. With the help of Dialog Conversion tool we are also able to launch rule editor. Now we have two problems.

      1. Rule editor is not showing our existing rules.

      2. When we are creating new rules its deleting all the existing rules


      For example we have a textfield firstName.

      We have valueCommitScript and initScript for this text field. If we are trying to create one more expression say validate Script through rule editor, we are loosing previous expressions.I can see that after creating rules from rule editor we are getting new new nodes






      Is there any tool or trick that we can migrate our expressions to rule editor ?