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    Kerning Arabic font



      im trying to change keenin in Arabic font . And apply it through paragraph style on all the text. Is there any way to do that ?

      It works when I'm trying to manually change the kernin but it's not applying on thr text .

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          zorg1983 Level 1

          * trying to kerning the font and apply it using paragraph style on the text .

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            Although you can manually kern individual pairs of letters and specify “tracking” (global amount of spacing between letters) to a particular style, there is no way in InDesign to specify and save global overrides for any font's own kerning table.


            If you believe that a particular font has very poor kerning tables, one thing you might try is the automatic kerning option which applies kerning based on the letterform shapes. It works fairly well with Western Latin alphabets, but I don't know how it might work with Arabic.


                      - Dov

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              Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

              Since Arabic script is similar to Cursive in Latin languages, you don't have to adjust Kerning or Tracking that often, we rather adjust Kashida that joins characters together within single word.


              Try this option instead of Kerning or Tracking… In Paragraph Panel, you need to first select one of the line justification atop of the panel. Then play with "Insert Kashida" options [ None • Short • Medium • Long • Stylistic ] to see which of them suits your job.