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      Please excuse this stupid question, but is the first time using Premiere Elements to edit video.  I wish to create a file on my PC that I can later burn to a DVD.  The DVD's will be shared with PC and MAC users.  The input source are GoPro files and in the past have saved the edited files in MP4 format.  I do not see an option to save the edited version of my project to an MP4 format.  These are hi-res videos and with another product years ago, tried saving in an MP format but the image quality was poor.


      Can the edited video from Premiere Elements be saved in an MP4 format or is that another format that will work with both PC and MAC computers?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          In Premiere Elements you don't "Save" videos.  Instead, you create videos from your projects by using the "Export&Share" functions.  That will lead to a large number of choices, including a variety of MP4 formats.


          MP4 files have a wide variety of variations, but are probably the most universal for sharing among computers and other devices.

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            whtnwrench42 Level 1

            Thanks.  I did see the option under create videos late last night.  This will work but didn't believe the length of time it would take to create a new video.  My first mission with Premiere Elements was to simply cut 45 seconds off the beginning a video. The original video was in mp4 format and I thought I could just save the video after the cut.  Did not expect I would have to create a new video.

            Thanks again for your help.