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    Application Initialization Error running Flash Installer!




      I have both Google and IE 11 on my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge laptop. I am running 64-bit Windows 7.


      I have uninstalled Flash Player. I have cleaned out the registry. I have deleted all traces of Flash Player. I have done everything I can find in these forums. I can download the flash installer. It goes into my downloads directory. I have checked all file permissions and have run it as the administrator. I have even re-located the flash installer into a different directory before running it. I turn off my virus software. And then I run the installer. It invokes the Windows installer (I assume that is normal). Immediately after it looks like it is going to run, I get an Adobe box that says "Application Initialization Error" with a button that says "Finish". When I click the finish button, the Adobe box closes, and it actually goes in an DELETES the Adobe installer program from wherever I have it located. Again, I have run the uninstaller several times, and cleaned everything out (including the registry). I have downloaded the installer in both Chrome and IE, with the exact same results. When I query Chrome, it does say that I have the latest version, and when I try to use the update button, it does nothing. Will you provide some guidance for this please?