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    User profile integration with adaptive forms

    gauravg27448472 Level 1

      HI ,


      I need to prefill some form elements from user profile.

      In AEM forms 6.3 there is a feature of user profile integration with adaptive form.


      This video explains the procedure for that : Adobe Experience Manager Help | Using User Profile Data Integration with AEM Forms


      Though after following the exact same procedure I am not getting the form data model objects while editing a form.

      step 1:





      step 6:

      step7 :

      step 8 :

      step9 :


      Created a adaptive form with blank template.

      while creating choose this form data model

      step 10 :

      open the form for editing. Now we are supposed to have created form data model in data model objects tab in form which is missing

      also prefill service is also missing




      Is there anybody who worked on this and let me know at which step I went wrong while integration.



      Thanks in advance,