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      do you know about reliable and advanced online flash magazine? Not just
      about actionscript, but about the way the flash works. I mean I've had
      enough tutorials, I need to know flash MORE DEEPLY. About methods it
      uses, it's behavior in different environments, platforms etc. Some real

      If some really advanced developer reads this, please reply I bet you
      have dozens of such a pages.

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          2m Level 2
          I'm not sure if I qualify as "really advanced developer", and I don't have to offer one ore more links to you but I'd really like to recomend you Colin Moock's Books, they are mostly about actionscript, but not exclusivly.

          No, I don't have the honor to be related to him and I don't profit from rekomending his books, but i did profit so much from reading them and using them as reference that I can't stop recommending them.

          And I personaly sometimes prefer having some things as books, as working with flash fills up all of my three displays anyhow.