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    Paragraph styles turn text white?


      Hi all,


      I'm encountering a weird problem in InDesign, where text randomly turns white when I apply paragraph styles. At first it only happened when I tried to paste text from a Word document into a text box and then tried to apply a paragraph style, but now it also happens when I switch from one paragraph style to another.


      Some more info:

      For some reason I can't paste without formatting (the option is also grayed out in the menu), which means text is always highlighted turquoise when it appears in the document. That in itself wouldn't be a problem (although it's odd), but as I mentioned, once I try to apply a paragraph style to it, the whole text simply turns white.


      This doesn't appear to be an override, and thus I also can't use the button to clear overrides to get rid of whatever is being applied.

      I've tried pasting with CMD+V from Word docs, Google Docs and Scrivener, and I've tried importing text the proper way.


      Does anybody know what's happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can also upload a screencast of it if necessary.