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    Zooming at anything besides 100% not anti-aliasing properly?


      Photoshop wizards, I need your help! I'm trying to transition from Photoshop CS6 to CC2017 and encountering a make-or-break issue. I fought with this for a few hours yesterday and I'm stumped as to what to try next.



      When I zoom to anything besides an 'even' percentage like 50% or 100%, Photoshop does an awful job at anti-aliasing the image working space preview and spits out some jaggedy-edged hot garbage. I've tried configuring the Performance settings every which way to no avail, and have updated every driver I thought could be relevant (Cintiq, Nvidia, Windows, Photoshop). I called Adobe yesterday and the technical help person downloaded a RAW photo to test out, which didn't exhibit this issue. I tried doing 'select all / copy all' to a new file and that seemed to resolve the issue for the particular painting I was working on. I saved it as a fresh new psd file and figured that would resolve it. But I opened the fresh psd this morning and it's exhibiting the same problems.



      I decided to check with another PSD file of a finished commission, and it's exhibiting the same damn thing.



      Here's a PNG where I've screencapped all the zoom stages. You'll have to view the file at 100% zoom to see the issue, because even web preview or windows image viewer does a better job of smoothing the zoom levels than Photoshop is right now. I've circled areas where the difference is especially clear in red but if you look you can see it all over the place. This link will cause it to direct download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjs67qr2dfqpakr/PS%20CC%202017%20Zoom%20Anti-aliasing.png?dl=1



      If anyone has any suggestions for how to resolve this I would love to hear them! I'm kind of at wits end with how much time I've wasted between yesterday and today on this.