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    Lost formatting when copying and pasting from one indesign file to another.


      We have an inDesign master file for a magazine that we place everything in once it has been approved for printing, but each individual article/ad/feature has its own file.  We make all edits in the individual files until it is approved and the information is ready to be placed in the master.  We have done things this way for at least 15 years and never had a problem until this week. When we copy the pages from the original file and paste in place in the master file, the format completely changes. The size of the images change, the font sizes change and the rules applied for no hyphenation change, among other things.  I have checked the document presets on all files and they are the same, the font books on the computers are the same and the fonts have been installed in the applications and not just in the document.  I tried searching for an answer and have not been successful at finding a solution.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.