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    Resources on Integrating phoneGap with a Rails application


      I want to integrate my Rails application with PhoneGap in order to be able to access my users' phone books. Can I get some guidance on how I can do that, if at all? I can't find anything.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Ideally you'll have some portion of your app that can run client-side and talks to your backend using XHR/fetch/web sockets. The portion that runs client-side can be bundled in a PhoneGap app with access to whatever plugins you install. You'll need to configure the following as well:


          * whitelist plugin to allow network access and navigation

          * Content Security Policy meta tag (restricts/enables access to resources based on content type)

          * Cross Origin Resource Sharing on your server (PG apps will come from file://, which means you will need to accept Origin: null)


          If you can share more about your app & its architecture (I've never used rails -- have only heard it in passing), that would help.