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    Using Lightroom with 2 Computers

    brockburwell Level 1

      I have an iMac and a Macbook Pro and I am trying to be able to edit with my catalog on both computers (at different times) and I'm struggling to find out the best way to do this. The way I have it set up now is that I have my Catalog stored on a RAID setup to keep it safe. I have another portable thunderbolt hard drive that I'd like to store the catalog on as well and then plug it into the laptop and edit that way.


      Is this possible? Do I need to sync the catalog's before editing on each different computer? I'm very new when it comes to multiple catalogs so I'd love an in depth explanation if you understand this fully.


      From my understanding, I could just keep a catalog on my portable hard drive, but I don't want to face an issue where that hard drive could be lost or damaged and my entire catalog is gone. I'd like to keep my catalog on the RAID so that won't happen, but also have it on a portable hard drive.


      Any suggestions on the best way to go about this would be great!