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    Horizontal Menu not working


      Hey I can't seem to get the horizontal menu to work.  I dropped horizontal menu in my header and it auto populated the pages.  When I view the website in a browser the buttons on all pages don't work.  Any ideas?

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          nicholasb5061935 Level 1

          The vertical menu bar works fine

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            Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

            a .muse file or at least the url... even an image would help because we have not way to help you based on what is here so far.

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              Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

              One thing I would check is:

              • in the Layers panel check WHAT layer the menu bar has been placed on.
              • Ensure it is the top most layer.
              • Then in Design mode, check that same layer in the Layers panel and ensure there is no objects in that layer that could possibly cover the menu bar and prevent it from working (something as simple as a transparent frame could result in a non-functioning menu.


              If this isn't of any help, please see if you can provide some screenshots and provide more information so we can help dig a little further for you.

              • Which version of Muse are you using?
              • What operating system (Windows/Mac) and version are you working on?
              • Has the site been started in an earlier version of Muse and was it migrated to the version you are now using?
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                AndresBrA Adobe Community Professional

                Hello Cari,

                I do not speak English at all.


                For info. I am about to make a bug report after a question about the widget menu of Muse on the French forum.


                On the CC2017.0 version (not tested on other versions), the widget library Menu does not work correctly when, on different submenus, the page name is the same (even if the filenames are different).


                The first submenu works fine but not the following.


                However, everything works correctly with at least one External Enu ditor Mewidget.


                I hope my gogglish message is at least understandable


                Test on Windows 10 v 1607.

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