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    Issues saving in photoshop


      Alright, I have Photoshop CC 2017.


      I'll be working in a file with multiple layers and I go to click SAVE AS and nothing happens. There's no dialogue box that pops up or anything. The only choice I have to not lose my work is to flatten, select all, and copy what is existing. Obviously not ideal.


      Also, if I start a file, save it, it will Save as long as all I click is Save. But if I click Save As because I want to flatten it and save as a new file, it won't save as, and I have to restart the entire program for it to work.


      Any ideas what's going on? Do I need to reinstall?

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          Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

          Ok. Maybe you need to reset your preferences. After we save your file as you need it, we will quit the application and reset those preferences. But first things first.


          Making a new file out of the one you have:

          1. Go to Window>History. This will bring up your History panel.
          2. Choose the icon Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 1.19.38 PM.pngthat creates a new document from the current state.(You will find this at the bottom left of your history panel.) This will give you the new document based on the last state of history. The name of the new document will be the last state in history, but you can rename it when you save the file for the first time.
          3. Flatten your file as needed and save. (I usually use this option Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 1.19.38 PM.pngto create new documents with different alternatives for my layers. In your cases we are using this option to save your file flattened until we can reset your preferences.)


          Reseting your preferences:

          1. Quit Photoshop.
          2. Restart Photoshop and hold down CTR-ALT-SHIFT (PC) or CMD-OPT-SHIFT (MAC). (You need to hold the modifiers after you restart and not when you are starting it. You also need to do it quickly after it starts and not wait too long.)
          3. If you get this dialog box you can reset your Preferences. Choose YESScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 1.27.55 PM.png
          4. If your Welcome screen has no recent documents then you have reset your Preferences. If it is not reset and you followed the steps above on the Apple computer, just restart your computer after you reset the preferences. (Apple like to cache preferences.)


          If you shut down your application and system time-to-time then you should not have to reset your applications as much. Here is a document I created for class to show how to reset any application in Adobe:

          Dropbox - Reset Applications.pdf (this may help for other applications too!)

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            sarahpetey Level 1

            Really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to do the trick. Itll save fine, but if I flatten, or resize, it no longer will allow me to Save As until I close the whole program and open it back up.

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              Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

              The idea of using creates a new document from the current state form the history panel is to just save it in any format & flatten it if you want. It is a new file and an exact duplicate of the original but when you save it it will give you the option to save it as any format. You do not need to Save As, since it is an exact copy of your original file.


              If you reset your application and restarted your system and you still do not have the save as, then I would suggest to uninstall Photoshop and then reinstall Photoshop. I am hoping the reseting of your application will fix the save as issue you are having.


              Let me know if you can save the copy of the file in the format you wanted and more importantly if resetting your application enabled you to get control of your save as menu choice.

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                sarahpetey Level 1

                I apologize for being unclear. So creating a new document as you've outlined doesn't seem to be cutting the mustard. It doesn't let me save or save as. It just does nothing when it's clicked.

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                  Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

                  You are correct. I was not getting the save as to work was giving a new option with the save (File>Save) as a sort of a save as option. If using the save is not  an option you want to use, then just try resetting your preferences and see if the save as works again. (Look above for the process to reset your application)