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    After Effects warning: Unkown Exception


      Hi all, I am getting g rather frustrated with After Effects on my 2016 Mac Book Pro 2.9Ghz 16GB RAM. It keeps crashing on start up, I have contacted  Adobe support twice and they threw away my presences which seems to solve the problem until I try working again. At the moment I get a message saying After Effects warning: Unkown Exception as soon as I try to open the effects and presets window (Not helpful, since it is probably the window I use most). If I choose effects through the menu dropdown I don't seem to get the message. The real bummer is that as soon as I press OK on the message it immediately reappears, so my only choice is to force quit After Effects... I have not been able to use After Effects for over a month on my laptop, which is a real problem. Can anybody help?