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    Can I recommend?

    JJW83 Level 1

      Can someone relay to Adobe that Animate is awesome--once you get comfortable with Tweens, but continuing to treat it as a Flash developer or HTML 5 canvas tool is limiting its potential?


      Sometimes people just want to make animations, as movies, not to be published on the web but to be uploaded to YouTube.... to share with friends... to post on Facebook, etc.


      The HTML 5, WebGL, and AS3 options are good for the purposes they serve, but as people are moving from Flash because of the lack of support on iOS devices, the focus of animate should involve simply creating animations. I'm sure AE or PP CC can accomplish the same but not with the ease of Animate. Adobe is underselling the product for what can be done with it--and it should have native support for creating simple video files, other than .mov--.mp4, etc. I know this can and is accomplished using Media Encoder but its not immediately intuitive. The program is packaged as a web animation tool, and I think that's limiting its intuitive usefulness.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The good thing about Animate is that it can do different things for different people. The main thing I've used it for in the last eight years has been to make mobile apps, almost all of which work on iOS. The one that doesn't work on iOS can work, it was just that the client only wanted an Amazon version.


          I know other people who only use it for animating to export to video, most likely to go to YouTube or Vimeo. It's true that Animate could have a more normal system Share menu, but the way that it achieves code driven animations in video export is not quite the same as simply exporting from iMovie.


          It still can be used for desktop web activities and games, and it's good that you can make HTML5 games too.


          I'm sure someone is still using it as a web animation tool, but I don't think Adobe are promoting it for that in particular.

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Thank you for your observations. I will share this post with the product team in case they have not had a chance to look at it thus far.




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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

              JJW83  wrote


              ...but as people are moving from Flash because of the lack of support on iOS devices, the focus of animate should involve simply creating animations.

              Adobe literally renaming Flash to "Animate" didn't catch your attention?


              Flash's original purpose was creating simple animations. It continues to be used for animations. Entire animated web and television series are produced using it. So... I'm not getting your complaint.

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                deans67202452 Level 2

                Having a single piece of software that is used for apps, games, web animation and tv animation and yet does all of them with at best questionable level of quality is the biggest issue with Animate and why it is increasingly shunned by anyone who knows what they are doing.  In my opinion Animate should be two programs, one of which is an interactive animation tool, the other a broadcast animation tool. This should have been done 10 years ago, but I think there is only 4 people working on Animate at Adobe so I wouldn't hold your breath.