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    Best way to scale from far view to close up w/ multiple puppets


      I've created a few scenes from a far out view. For example I have a scene with 2 airplanes & then the background/Sky. Each are individually puppets. Using the transform options, I scaled things & moved them around to position them where I want them. I want to be able to scale them up exactly how they are (then hypothetically move everything 1000 pixels to left to focus on a spot) but if I scale each puppet 2x, everything becomes out of place. How should I be approaching this? I'm guessing the answer involves anchor points but don't really know. All I've been able to do is render the far view & then crop in premiere what I need but obviously the quality is bad. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          Yeah, currently this requires some workarounds. Some options:


          1) create the puppets large enough in the main Ch scene so you can zoom & crop in AE or PPro


          2) create a new empty puppet (Puppet > New Empty Puppet), drag all your puppets into that container puppet, and then create a new scene from it. There you'll be able to use the Transform controls on the container puppet to scale all at the same time. You animate the scale by enabling the arm for record button for the Transform behavior's Scale parameter and then either (a) record the change live, or (b) set a scale value and create a 1-frame take (Timeline > Record 1-frame Take) and extend its duration to whatever you want. Then drag the blend handles on the take to blend between it and other takes (other scales). Note that Record 1-frame Take will record takes for _all_ armed things; to enable/disable arm buttons all at once, cmd/ctrl-click on one of the arming buttons. Rotation, position, or anchor can be animated for the container in the same way.


          In the future we hope to have a camera system that makes this much easier.