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    Long load times when shooting tethered to Lightroom


      I am using the most up to date version of lightroom and am tethered to a Canon 5d mark iii.


      The catalog I am shooting to is 100% empty except for the images I am currently shooting. I have my cache set to 200gb as well. I am working with models and shooting on average about a frame every 2 seconds, yet the image doesn't show up in the catalog for about 10 seconds after I shoot a photo. It takes even longer as I continue to shoot. I'll do a burst of 20 photos, and lightroom gets bogged down.  I will shoot tethered via the EOS utility, and images pop up immediately, so I can rule out the speed of the computer.


      I need the images to pop up in lightroom much much faster and not sure what to do to make it happen.