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    Lightroom CC keeps freezing when using sorting filter


      Hi, I WAS using lightroom CC well without big issues until recent days.

      The problem is when I press the color buttons or the 1~5 star icon to filter the photos in library,

      Lightroom freezes and eventually shuts down with error.

      This is happening 100% with even other photos as well.

      I'm using Windows 10 and it's been working well since I didn't change any hardware.

      If I'm working with just few photos it would be fine just not using the filtering method,

      but since I'm choosing some photos from whole lots, it is essential to use.

      Also I tried to update the Lightroom via Creative Cloud thing, but the issue remains.

      Anyone have similar issue or have any ideas to solve, comments would be helpful. Thanks.


      + photos are taken from Nikon D700 in NEF formats with JPGs.