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    Camera calibration profile: difficulties


      Hello! I started to use X-rite to create calibration profiles  for my Nikon D810 in Lightroom 4.4. Previously, the only existing profile was  called "camera flat", which I believe is the default  profile. I succeeded in creating two test profiles, and applied them to a few images with no problem (in some, I used the copy and paste option; in others, I used the sync function). Today, I imported new images into Lightroom and noticed they were too warm. I went to check the camera calibration profiles and noticed that the "camera flat" had disappeared from the options. Only the new profiles were available. "Camera flat" however is still available in files I had imported previously. How do I reactivate/recover it it to apply in new imports? Please note I did not change my import preset...I do not understate why "camera flat" disappeared and I have no idea how to import new files using a "neutral" color camera calibration profile. Any ideas? please... (I must say I am a "bit" technologically challenged). Many thanks for your help.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          If you are using Lightroom 4.4 and a D810 camera, then your only camera file-type options to see the photos in Lightroom are JPG or raw DNG.

          V5.6 is needed to import NEF files from the D810.


          If you shoot JPG, then the camera would embed a profile in the file and you would normally not get any choice other than "Embedded". (My Lr shows- "Embedded"  for JPGs)


          So I not sure how you saw "Camera Flat".


          If you convert NEF images to the DNG format, then I would expect you see several profiles for choice. At least in v6.10.1 second screen-clip below is what I see, I am not sure about your v4.4.


          Can you tell us what file type you are viewing, and what file-type you used to create the X-rite profiles?


          JPG File- ScreenShot041.jpg


          DNG File-  ScreenShot042.jpg

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            Analuizacortez Level 1


            Thanks for your input.

            I only shoot raw, so I have to convert the D810 NEF files into DNG files using adobe DNG converter, as LR 4.4 does not read Nikon d810 files. After the first time I calibrated using Xrite, the following options showed on the calibration menu:

            Camera flat.jpg

            I sync files on the same folder using the sync function and also copy and paste function for practice. Please notice the 'camera flat" option. I think it is there because LR 4.4 does not have profiles that are specific to the D810, since the camera was released after LR4.4.

            I imported a new folder into LR and did not change the import preset option at all (at least not to my knowledge, unless when I do the sync, this affects the import preset as well....). And...when I noticed the images were a bit too warm, I went to check to camera calibration options; the 'camera flat" was gone.  The "camera flat option" is still available in folders shot before the Xrite profile calibration, but when I copy or move an older file with camera flat into the new folder, this option disappears, and I only have the two new profiles available):


            That is why I am very confused; I thought it would be there as an option...

            FYI, I also use a D7000 and all LR camera calibration profiles are available. Please see:


            So, my question is, how do I get the "camera flat" back to be available for new imports as well? Would that be possible or do I need to create my own "camera flat" profile (or a "neutral" profile) with Xrite?

            Many thanks for your assistance.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Why the camera flat has disappeared? Your question is beyond my knowledge now, so I wont be much help.

              As I understand it, any profiles in Lightroom are Adobe's interpretation of the Camera manufacturers specific camera profiles.

              What I do not understand is why you do not see any of the other Adobe created profiles when looking at a DNG file.

              As you have the x-rite profiler program it really is no loss for you as you can create your own profiles to suit your camera.

              I think you have answered your own question- "create your own".


              A video from Julieanne Kost-

              Working with DNG Camera Profiles - YouTube


              This link gives a clue to the location of Your custom Camera & Lens Profiles


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                Analuizacortez Level 1

                Thanks for your suggestions. I will check the links you indicated. Cheers!