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    Delete Sync Files from different catalogs


      Hello, I have created different catalogs and I sync the catalog and it will ask sync this catalog instead and I do. The problem is all the other catalogs or collections from different catalogs are still there when I look at lightroom mobile and they will show up, they look expanded but they are there...


      So for instance I sync a different catalog with a collection... this catalog is 1,000 images, but I see 5,000 from the previous syncs and I cant get rid of them. Only one sync catalog shows up in the menu, but a total of 5,000 images are synced. I went to the adobe lightroom page and I can see the synced catalog, but the "previous" catalogs are there as well, but cannot be deleted.


      I hope this makes since, how can I delete "previous" catalogs that won't allow me to delete them??