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    Liightroom CS5?


      I am a registered user of LR5CS, serial number [SERIAL NUMBER REMOVED BY MODERATOR - THIS IS DANGEROUS ON A PUBLIC FORUM] .  I recently lost my hard drive & had a new one installed.  Before my hard drive crashed I uploaded LR6 (as a free upload) and was using it.  I did install LR5 using my disc.  Now when I attempted to install LR6 Adobe asked for my serial number but I only have the LRCS5 number and it is not valid for a LR6 install.   Any suggestions?

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          First delete this serial from public forum...someone can use it not in a good way!!!

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            dj_paige Level 10

            There is no such thing as LR5 CS, you probably mean LR 5.


            You shouldn't post your serial number in this public forum


            If LR6 is asking for a serial number, it requires a LR 6 serial number which apparently you don't have. The only way to get a serial number for LR 6 is to purchase the upgrade to LR 6


            You need to install LR 5 and use your LR 5 serial number.

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              paulewog Level 1

              I am having a bit of a problem here.  Before I lost my hard drive I was

              using LR6 which I believe was a free upgrade from LR5.  In my downloads

              folder I show the following:  Lightroom_6_LS11 2017-06-09 Application

              761,879 KB.  I had to get that from somewhere.


              Please respond.

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                dj_paige Level 10



                LR 6 has never been a free upgrade from LR 5. In order to use LR 6 beyond the trial period, you need to purchase it from Adobe, and then you will receive a valid LR 6 serial number which you can apply.


                If you were using LR 5 (you didn't actually say you were) and have a valid LR 5 serial number, you can download LR 5 from Adobe and then apply your LR 5 serial number to it: Download Photoshop Lightroom

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                  paulewog Level 1

                  I have already downloaded LR5 and I am using it.  I wish to reiterate that

                  prior to my losing my hard drive, I was using LR6.  In my downloads folder

                  I show the following:  Lightroom_6_LS11 2017-06-09 Application 761,879 KB.

                  My downloads folder is one that I had backed up.  I had to receive the LR6

                  download from Adobe in order for me to have a copy of it.  I am sure that

                  Adobe must have a record of my downloading and using LR6.


                  I hope you can help.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Did you ever purchase the Lightroom 6 upgrade? If not, then you were just using the trial version which would have expired. In the US, the  upgrade to Lightroom 6 costs $79. Did you ever pay that amount to Adobe?

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                      paulewog Level 1

                      I did not pay any upgrade.  That said, Adobe should have a record of my

                      trial version, the date it began and the date it ended.  I am almost sure I

                      was using LR6 for several months.  Please check.

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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        There is no way for anyone here to check Adobe records. We are all just users like yourself, trying to provide assistance where we can. An Adobe trial of Lightroom used to be 30 days but is now only 7 days. And it doesn't matter anyway. If you have used up your trial the only way you will be able to continue using it is to purchase the upgrade. You could download Lightroom 6 from the link that was provided previously in this thread and install it again since you have a new hard drive and probably had to install your operating system again, and it would probably work for 7 days. But that would be it. The catalog that it would create would not be compatible with Lightroom 5. So unless you are planning on purchasing Lightroom 6 there wouldn't be much reason for you to use it.

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                          bhousto90 Level 4

                          Adobe does not restrict anyone from downloading the install files. Trial versions/ licensed versions are same download.


                          You can download the Lightroom installation files at any time, installed downloads will function as a trial version starting from the install date. If you have paid for it and received a serial number via email/have it in a purchased box version or subscribe monthly, then you can enter the serial # or use your CC login to activate the product as a licensed version for use beyond the trial period.


                          From the file described above it looks like it was downloaded on June 9th, so if you installed it that day it would only work until it expires  June 17th.