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    Nik plug-ins not loading and causing Lightroom to hang




      Just come back from a week's holiday to find that all my Nik (Google) plug-ins are not opening from "edit in" options in Lightroom CC. This was working fine before I went away so there may have been an update that's caused it? If I select any of the "edit in" options Lightroom just freezes and I eventually have to kill it with task manager.


      Nik filters are loading fine as plug-ins for Photoshop CC so it seems to be a Lightroom specific problem


      I've tried setting up a new external editor short-cut for one of the plug-ins but to no avail.


      Any ideas please? Nik filters are an essential part of my work-flow (at the moment anyway, the future looks bleak now they're no longer supported )







      Lightroom CC 2015.10.1 Release, Build 1117303.  Windows 10