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    Automate Title Creation


      Hi all,

      Is it possible to develop an import plugin to generate titles and populate them with text?  If so, where can I find a bit of information on how to begin with this?


      The goal will be to parse an excel sheet and generate titles.


      Thank you!

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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          Not possible, today, without involving After Effects to do the text replacement in existing titles.


          We plan to enable such programmatic changes within Essential Graphics Template-generated titles, in our next major release.

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            andymees@aje Level 3

            Hey Fran


            If you're willing to slum it and use the Legacy Title format then what you want to do is possible via an ExtendScript based panel extension...  but there would be hoops to jump through. For example,  you can't save a Legacy Title Template with the CC 2017 release,  so you'd have to also install an earlier build (eg CC2015)  in order to  set up your templates.


            If that's something you'd want to try then (Legacy) Title Templates (.PRTL) files are XML files that can be easily manipulated programmatically.


            Basic process would be to a) read in the Legacy Title Template file and the Excel Spreadsheet, b) for each title instance (from spreadsheet) write a modified copy of the Legacy Title Template file to disk, c) import the generated Title files, d) insert the imported Titles into the sequence accordingly.


            I think pretty much everything needed for the above is covered in the various sample panel scripts, especially the PProPanel sample.

            GitHub - Adobe-CEP/Samples: Samples for Adobe Common Extensibility Platform (CEP)




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              e.d. Level 3

              The question is, what kind of "titles"?


              Are we talking about "open caption type titles", like opening / ending credits or lower thirds, or are we talking about subtitles/closed captions? Both of which could, but the latter definitely should, use timed text, not single burn-in titles.


              As long as the challenge is presented in this generic fashion, there's no short answer (even though Bruce has tried ).

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                fredericalain Level 1

                see my question, but with more in-depth explanations : Premiere data driven clip MOGRT

                you basically want to be able to import a JSON file into premiere...