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    Particular MP4 not handled properly

    Evertech Level 1

      I have downloaded a large MP4 file (> 1 GB) from a TV website in 1280X720 format. The video file plays fine in VLC media player.

      I tried a lower resolution download 640X360 with the same result.

      When I import these files into Premiere Elements 14 they do not import successfully for some reason; there is just a blank blue bar which does not play back at all.

      This is the first time I have encountered an issue like this.

      No errors come up.

      I run Auto-Analyzer on the video and nothing is reported.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Your MP4 may have some features to it that make it difficult to edit. (Variable frame rate, for instance.) Video on the internet often uses compression methods that make for small files -- files that are designed to be viewed but not edited.


          Open the video in the free download Media Info. Set Media Info's View menu to Tree and then copy the data it displays and paste it to this forum.


          Once we see what this video file is made up of, we may better be able to advise you how to proceed.

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            williebegoode Adobe Community Professional

            As a quick test, try this:

            1. Load the MP4

            2. If the blue bar extends to the size of a typical 1gb video file,

            3. then, save the file to your HD using the Save & Export options, using a different name than the one you originally gave it

            4. Load the newly saved file.


            Sometime the file will be re-formatted so that it can be correctly read by PRE with these steps.