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    Quicktime only exports audio


      I've been trying to export a video as a .mov file, and when I open up the file, the screen is entirely black, and only the audio plays. I'm using the DNxHR/DNxHD codec, so thought that might have been the problem. I downloaded the codec now, but it still didn't work. I then tried it with the default "animation" codec with the same result. What gives?

      I should note I'm using Windows 10.

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know much about that codec, do you?  But I think it's just your media player.  Bring the rendered .mov file back into after effects and see if the video is there.  I render to intermediate  .mov files and they also will not play in any of media players because a 5min video is usually 25 or 30 gigs.  Thatt's just too much information for them to handle.  You need to bring it into Media Encoder and re-encode it into a format suitable for playing back on your computer.  I convert mine to .mp4.  with matching resolution & 8 or 10k bit rate. My 30 gig .mov file converts to a 100mb mp4 which plays fine in any  media player or web based player

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Please give a much more detailed explanation of the problem and your attempts to solve it.


            What process (and software) are you using to "export" your file.  Is the content visible in that software before you export?  What format and codecs are you outputting to?   Where are you opening the export file when it appears black?  What happens if you open it in generic playback software like VLC?

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              F.Bennett233 Level 1

              Didn't realize it was that simple. I thought the exporting itself went wrong, but it was just a matter of playback. I tried it in VLC and it worked fine. The reason I need to use that codec is because the file needs to be used on AVID on another computer. But I'm exporting it from my laptop, so that makes sense.