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    No previews on new ipad



      I've just restored to a new iPad but no images are being previewed. I.e. each collection is synced (and is "all up to date' when I check the status) but no thumbnails are shown.


      tried clearing cache, and wifi is fine (and fast). Any ideas?

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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          I think I read elsewhere that deleting and reinstalling the app after changing a device worked.


          It may be the only option but maybe try to

          log out and in first?

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            darcy.friesen Level 1

            This worked for me.


            I upgraded to a 10.5" iPad Pro, and am in the process of setting it up.  The image previews didn't show up for me either.  I tried logging out and logging back in...  no luck. 


            Deleting the app, and reinstalling it worked great (and fast).


            Thanks selondon.

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              bornslippy Level 1

              Yep, it worked. Come on adobe, shouldn't be hard to fix (?)

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                this is my problem also, except that my photos are only on the new iPad. Wifi to slow to sync/upload all the new images from the trip that I am on. If I delete the app, I will presumably lose all my photos (or rather all the edits I already made, the photos are backed up elsewhere). Any other solutions/ideas?

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                  selondon Adobe Community Professional

                  Don't delete the app, that is correct (unless the photos have uploaded to the Cloud).


                  What does the Cloud icon say 'Sync Pending'?


                  What I don't understand is why they have trouble viewing (as if they haven't uploaded then they should still be local within the LrM app).


                  Is the problem in Grid View, Loupe View or both?

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                    ka-bo Level 1

                    Yes, it's stuck syncing: " uploading...1162 pending". the problem is in grid view, when I look at them in their full glory it's fine. But it practical for finding things. I also had trouble sharing files, which it seemed to only be able to after they synced.


                    what I don't understand is how the pictures and the thumbnails are on the old iPad (from which I restored the backup onto the new iPad) and now they are gone - shouldn't they all have been backed up and restored? The full res files are clearly there. And withot being connected to wifi they load much quicker than while online.


                    i wonder if adobe never thought that people would only take their iPads for travel and put all their travel photos into Lightroom through lightroom mobile. They seem to think that that pictures should originate from the desktop version. For example, it appears to be impossible to stop syncing a collection from the iPad without deleting it. Or to have different collections on different devices, like the selective sync Dropbox does.


                    But back to to the case at hand, I seem to only get thumbnails back if I change something in the file, a minor edit for example. This shouldn't be so hard...


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                      selondon Adobe Community Professional

                      I think Adobe are trying to push the Mobile workflow to increase revenue at the very least.



                      Unfortunately it's not at a point yet where it's mature enough for many users.



                      Many requests that you can vote for can be found here https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/categories/photoshop_family_lightroom_mobi le  including Pause Syncing, LAN Syncing, XMP Sidecar upload only, Watermarks, Keywords, Smart Collections.

                      That forum is the best place also to for replies from Adobe support as this is a user/user forum.



                      Back on to your problem, you really need to get those files synced up before doing anything I reckon, if you can close to an Internet hot spot!



                      I recently installed (clean - not backup) LrM on a new iPad (the cheap one!) and all working fine but now some of the Collection Cover Photos have started disappearing (fully synced over broadband). Much like yourself a simple edit or clearing cache on that collection will brought them back.



                      Maybe there is a bug?