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    ID is super slow


      ID is running super slow and stalling with anything I do - deleting, typing, moving, etc.


      I used ID without connecting to the internet and it works just fine now.  However, ID is super slow and stalling when I connect to the internet. 


      What in the world is going on?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of InDesign and OS?

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            malteb56148973 Level 1



            since the  person who opened this thread doesn't seem to answer your question Stake the chance.


            Recently I upgraded to ID 13.1.


            Now I have a returning problem on my Mac (OS 10.13.4). When I start to work in the morning everything is fine. But ID gets slower and slower. At if that's not enough: The whole Mac grows incredible slow – even in Safari. When shut down Indesign it is okay again.


            I have turned of the permanent preflight (although this morning it was turned "on" again). This helps for a short time. I have got 32 GB RAM and I am working with a lot of empty space on my SSD.


            At the moment the only thing I can do is to go back to CS6.


            Do you have any idea what to do?