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      I completed a photo slideshow with music, using Premiere Elements 14 (PRE) that is "80 min 53 sec" long.  I then made an ISO image that was captured and opens with Roxio Creator 2012 Special Edition.  I then made a DVD with the Roxio program by selecting Burn Disc Image.  It all worked fine and the program created a M2TS DVD that plays in my Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player. 


      I did not see an option, during the Burn Disc Image process, to select any final DVD format.  FYI - I do not know the final DVD/Blu-ray players that the slideshow will be shown, because there will be a copy of the slideshow provided to each attendee of our HS reunion - 100 classmates registered.


      Is there an option during one of the steps to obtain something other than a M2TS format for the DVD?  If yes, how and what should be the other choices?