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    Wacom tablets compatible with Adobe Animate CC

    HydroXide Level 1

      I'm aware that this is the wrong forum post but I have absolutely NO IDEA why I can't create a new discussion in the Animate CC sub-forums. Nonetheless, let's get to the point here.


      So, I'm looking to draw in Adobe Animate CC because I can't draw with a mouse and I think that's close to impossible for anyone as well. In order to resolve that, I'm looking to buy a SUPPORTED Wacom tablet for creating frame-by-frame animations so I have no clue to which drawing tablet would be great. As a freelancer, I have my eyes on the Wacom Intuos Draw Blue Pens and the Wacom Intuos Draw Creative Pen Tablet CTL-490DB-Blue.


      I'm no professional in drawing tablets and this is the first time I'm going to buy one, so I'd like to buy on the recommendation of you guys.