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    Save iPad-Files in specified library


      I work with several different CC Libraries, depending on customer/project. Some of which i do share with partners or customers. When i create a project on an iPad using PS Sketch or Illustrator Draw, Comp CC, etc... i dont see an option to put that into a given library which makes this whole library-thingy-bit completely useless for me. Or do i simply don't see the right way? A bit confusing...

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Alex,


          I'm sorry, this can initially be quite confusing.


          Draw and Sketch and Comp files are actually not saved to Libraries. When exported as PDF or PSDs they are saved to the Creative Cloud Files folder which can be accessed on the desktop, or from the Files menu of the Creative Cloud Mobile App, or from Adobe Creative Cloud  when you log in with your Adobe ID.


          Let me know if that helps clear things up or... if the explanation has made it worse.



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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            Currently the only way to get a Draw project into a Library is to first send it to Adobe Illustrator. From there you can select all of the graphics and add them to a CC Library. It's no longer a Draw file at this time though.

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