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    Updated Photoshop not painting/selecting/erasing etc...

    slashpot Level 1

      Very strange indeed!

      Just updated to the latest from CC (17.1.1.)

      After a good start it has stopped 'drawing'. Everything works, absolutely everything AFAIK, except when I drag my pen over the tablet...zilch! No effect, no colour or selection or erasing etc etc. The cursor moves as normal. it's like I'm painting invisible paint! even the history is ticking over as I make strokes.

      Ive checked the usual suspects: wrong layer, didn’t deselect, no opacity, etc etc. Then deleted the couple of plugins I use. Nothing!


      The first few times it eventually worked, this time it doesn’t seem to be doing so.

      Aout to try a restart... again



      Nope, I guess I gotta uninstall. I just wanted to see if this is happening to anyone else as it came up so soon after installing the update