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    Unable to validate serial numbers in Premiere and Photoshop elements 15



      I'm trying to validate the serial numbers of premiere and photoshop elements 15 I've bought in the begining of this month, to update  Elements 12. In spite of those seral numbers are registered in my Adobe products list I'm unable to sign in and validade the numbers and consequently to open and use the software. I'm only allowed to work with Photoshop Organizer, not with the Editors. The reason is because "I have no internet connection" what obviously  is not true, once I could drawdown both programs and I'm writing this text in the site.

      This problem exists from the the first moments to try to register the software after drawdown, and now I see that seven days without register it is blocked!!!

      What can I do to solve this and beguin working???

      Thanks for any help.