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    Problem with fonts


      Hello guys,


      Have small question for you. I'am beginner in muse and dont know why and how fonts on my web looks bad like "ę", "ż", "ź" ? What can i do to make it right? i Use TK and WF from Muse fonts menu like Myriad Pro, Lato anyway in must fonts have same problem.Bez tytułu.pngBez tytułu2.png

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7



          If I understand your query correctly, you are facing issues with Lato and Myriad Pro fonts not displaying correctly, right?

          Well, could you please upload your site to Business Catalyst as a test and see if the problem remains same?


          Also Can you please follow the instructions mentioned in this post - why was yesterday the typefont Lato displaying? 


          Let me know if it helps.




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            Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

            Can you check a setting in your Site Properties and try publishing the site after you change it?

            1. File > Site Properties
            2. Click Advanced tap, and then under Web Fonts, select All for Character Set. It generally defaults to Subset.

            I've heard that at times that seems to fix errors with diacritics. (not sure why, but if it works, it works right?).

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