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    Nested comp markers not appearing in main comp


      Hello all,


      I've precomposed an audio track to pair with an animation. In the audio pre composition, I have added both layer and composition markers. However, upon adding the precomp to my main composition I see no markers. I have tried adding a dummy marker to the audio precomp layer (while in the main comp) and selecting "update markers from source." This results only in the deletion of the dummy marker and not the addition of the layer or comp markers. I have also attempted to add the audio file to the main comp, add markers, and then precompose. Still, the markers do not show in the main comp. Am I running into a bug?

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          Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

          If you have 1 layer with markers and you Pre-Compose with the option leave the attributes in the top composition then you will get the markers from the layer as markers on the new pre-composed layer. (these will not translate into he nested comp as timeline markers)


          If you take the comp with the two layers and add the markers to the timeline, then drop the comp into another comp (nest it) then  your timeline markers will appear on the nested layer.


          I think you want to add layers to the timeline then take the composition and drop it into another composition so you have markers on the comp layer and if you open the nested comp you still have markers on they timeline of the original comp. So no pre-composing.

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            curtn007@umn.edu Level 1

            Thank you! I was performing these tasks just backwards enough that they weren't working at all.