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    Missing chapters from the TOC list.

    KamilaB Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am scratching my head over this one.

      I have created a book with several chapters.

      Set up Paragraphs Styles and Character Styles to all of the chapters the same way and added them to the book. (as i have done this several times before with different documents)

      Set up TOC and ticked Include Book Documents.


      The two first chapters are missing from the TOC list.

      I have updated all numbering, redone paragraph and character styles in each chapter, detach and attach files to the book again, I have started the TOC file once again from the scratch ...


      Still there is no chapter 1 and 2  in TOC list.

      It is probably something as simple as a tick somewhere(?)


      I would appreciate any help?


      KamilaTOC Q.jpg