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    Photoshop problems


      Hi everyone,


      My photoshop always crashes and says: 'Display driver doesn't react', at least, that is the dutch translation.
      I have looked at the troubleshooting topics and updated my GPU, this did nothing. I only find this annoying, so it is a problem but not the problem the question is really about.


      The real problem here is that I have had a Blue Screen Of Death 2 times only because I started Photoshop, and I wonder why this happens.


      -I have not looked at the error message, but the 'Error monitor' of windows said it was a hardware error

      -I have a Nvidia Geforce 920M GPU

      -I have intel core i5

      -The problem didn't start suddenly, always had it

      -I use windows 8.1


      I hope somebody can help me.