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    Smudge Tool creating jagged/ weird line next to it




      I am using PS CS5.5 (extended), as I am not able to afford the update to the newest CC so I stuck with this instead. Anyways, to start it off... I am having this issue with my Smudge Tool while I was working on a drawing I was doing.


      smudge.jpg smudge2.jpg

                                     IMAGE 1                                                          IMAGE 2




      Canvas/ Workspace Size: 880px x 800px

      Software used: Photoshop CS5.5 extended

      Tool: Smudge Tool

      Pressure Sensitivity: Enabled



      • Smudge Tool creates a very uneven pixel, it's jagged and not smooth.
      • Smudge Tool creates an unexplainable line next to the main brush.


      Image 1:

      • As I was using the smudge tool, I noticed there was a distinguishable line that ran beside next to the smudging area. It was extremely annoying because that line will also drag the area it is drawing on creating a double line effect. I didn't tamper with the smudge brush settings at all.

      Image 2:

      • I lowered the opacity of the smudge to 55% and the double line is still noticeable.
      • The jaggedness seems to be gone but I kind of want to use 100% opacity...



      1. How can I get rid of that double smudge line effect?
      2. How do I make the smudge brush look smoother if the opacity is at 100% or do I have to bump it down to 55% for smoother smudge?
      3. How come my pen sensitivity is enabled on Photoshop and yet it feels as if my pen isn't emitting pressure?


      Thank you and I hope to hear some answers soon!

      - Sandy