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    Adobe really bugs me!

    DAS Photography Level 1

      Especially when one considers the renumeration they pay, bearing in mind, I have sold/licensed one solitary image so far.

      I have had a number of my images rejected by Adobe for one reason or another and again today I had a further two images rejected for legal issues. I did point out these images were for editorial purposes, even so they were rejected.


      I find this strange because many images that are rejected by Adobe were accepted by Getty (I look on Getty as the benchmark für stock photos) and are on display/for sale/licensing with them. Is Adobe being too over cautious?


      Perhaps it is me? I am a photojournalist, decided in 2016 to expand into creative photography as this is not dangerous like journalism.


      Here are the 2 images (greatly reduced in resolution) in question today.

      isar canal baden 72px.jpg Isar Canal Rafting 25%.jpg

      So where is the problem with these, bearing in mind they are for editorial purposes? I welcome your comments.


      The final question that does arise, is it worth working with Adobe - why do I bother?



      freelance photojournalist