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    Photoshop - perform spatial integration on an image

    rechmbrs Level 1

      Does anyone have a suggestion on how to perform spatial integration on an image in Photoshop using the built-in filters?


      b(0,j) = a(0,j);

      for ( i=1; i<width; i++)


      b(i,j) = a(i,j) + b(i-1,j);





      b(j,0) = a(j,0);

      for ( i=1; i<width; i++)


      b(j,i) = a(j,i) + b(j,i-1);




           b is row or column of image  b(i,j) or b(j,i)

           i  is index within the row or column

           j is orthogonal to i so it is index of column or row.



      Is there a layer tool that might do this?  Plugin?  I can do with jsx but is pain!!!!!