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    Is Lightroom the best option for me?




      I have several thousand photos that I am trying to organize, about 20,000+. They are currently on a drive and I am considering transferring them to to Lightroom to organize better. Is this a good idea or is there a better option out there? What are your thoughts on Lightroom for organization?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Yes, Lightroom has many organizational tools that can certainly help. I use it for my organization of my photos, and I would be lost without it. These tools are extremely effective.


          So let's clear up a misconception ... you do not "transfer" the photos to Lightroom, no matter what you do with Lightroom, the photos remain on your hard disk or network disk somewhere, they are never ever stored in Lightroom. Lightroom is a database ... it knows the location of your photo, and so as long as the photo is in the expected location, Lightroom can perform any task on it that LR is capable of.


          Next, if you are going to use Lightroom to organize your photos, then you need to make the mental jump to using metadata -- keywords, captions, titles, GPS Locations, etc. -- to achieve this organization of your photos ... you will not use folders and file names to achieve this organization. If that's not what you had in mind, if what you had in mind was using folders and file names, then LR doesn't help at all, everything you can do with folders and file names can be done better in your operating system. (Side note: LR has other benefits that don't relate to organizing, but your question was very specific about organizing and so I don't bring up those other benefits at this time)

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