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    Need help with simple slideshow

      Hi everyone,

      I'm a complete newbie at Flash and trying to build my first movie, just a basic slideshow. I have about a dozen jpegs all same size, and I just want a basic fade out and fade in the next one, no user interractivity necessary. I imported the jpegs into the FlashMX (v6) environment, converted to graphic symbols, created a movie clip symbol for each image, and set up the fade in/fade out. Each individual movie clip works OK, but I can't figure out how to arrange my movie clips to display in succession in the main timeline. I can set frame 1 as a keyframe and place a movie clip in that frame, test the movie, and the clip plays. I put a keyframe in frame 2 and put the next movie clip in that frame, then nothing works. Any suggestions? If someone could just explain the basic principal of playing several movie clips in succession, or just point me in the right diresction, I would be very grateful.

      Thanks much,