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    Big Black Box

    KrisHunt Level 4

      Does anyone else have a big black box to the right of their stage that accumulates glitchy copies of any asset you're working with? This is very irritating! I guess Adobe never imagined someone would be using Animate CC with a dual monitor setup, and the main window would ever be any wider than 2040 pixels.


      I'm using Animate CC 2017.5 on macOS 10.11.6.


      Animage Glitch.jpg

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          Animate is pretty much designed to be used with two monitors, but in the sensible configuration of having the main window maximized on the left monitor, then all your workspace windows on the right monitor. Stretching the main window across both monitors is... bizarre.


          That being said, I don't see the issue on Windows, so it may be Mac-specific.

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            KrisHunt Level 4

            What? Who said I stretched it across two monitors? I have my main workspace on my iMac screen, and all my tool palettes on my other monitor. It's like this on both of my computers. Looks like they never bothered to test it on a dual monitor Mac setup. On a single monitor setup, that black box is where the tool palettes would normally be.

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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

              When you post a screenshot that's over five thousand pixels wide, the natural assumption is that it's a dual-monitor screenshot. Especially since you explicitly blamed your display glitch on a dual-monitor setup. I see now though that there are in fact single monitors available at that ridiculous resolution.


              Anyway, to reiterate, Flash/Animate has supported dual monitors for a VERY long time. Apparently this black box is caused by some interaction between the ludicrous desktop resolution and having two monitors plugged in. You should submit a bug report:

              Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Look in Settings, Mission Control. There's a Displays have separate Spaces option. If that is checked then all windows for a given application may need to be on one screen. If you want to spread them across two display, unchecking that box may help.

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                  deans67202452 Level 2

                  I could reproduce this bug on my 27" Imac - no dual monitors.

                  These machines are industry standard by the way, I wouldn't describe the resolution as 'ludicrous'.

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                    Preran Adobe Employee

                    Thank you. I checked with the team, and they confirmed that this is a bug that they are tracking for fix in a future update.

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                      KrisHunt Level 4

                      Wow, Clay. Welcome to 2014.